Vermont Drying Racks

Vermont Drying Racks

Large Drying RackWelcome to our Vermont Drying Racks web site! We have been making wooden drying racks for clothes and laundry for many years. Shipping a large or medium assembled rack is too expensive but GOOD NEWS, we have now designed three DIY assembly kits so that our racks can be shipped to all fifty states!

We have assembly-ready kits with parts & easy, excellent instructions for our large, medium and small racks ready to ship.

All kit prices include shipping:

Three Sizes of Drying racks for comparison
NEW: We now offer our SMALL drying rack, already assembled for shipping anywhere in the U.S.A.

Of course fully assembled racks are still available at shows or in person.
Catch us at a Show or in Person to save on Shipping costs! . Click here to see a list of our products.