Vermont Drying Racks

Customer Comments

I LOVE THE RACK!  I just love how the rack opens and that it has so many rows of available space.  I am very happy having this rack displayed in my home!  Thanks so much for sharing your story on your website!    

— Karen, Worcester, VT


What  a wonderful investment I made when I bought a Vermont Drying Rack.  What better way to save on one’s electric bill than drying clothes on a wooden drying rack, indoors or out.  Drying them inside also adds moisture to the air.    

— Ellie, So. Burlington, VT


I have nothing but good things to say about my Vermont Drying Rack.  Along with the regular drying of clothes, it is great for drying winter clothing that gets wet from winter sports and for summer items, such as bathing suits and towels.      

— Sharon, Conway, NH

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